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OphthalSuite is a solution that allows Ophthalmologists
to quickly and conveniently access all exams performed in
all diagnosis devices.


Medical exam data is spread across several devices, and there is no easy way to access all exams within an unique application. Clinicians have to handle printed exam results or to waste time going to the equipment. Resources are also wasted with physical archive and related logistics.


OphthalSuite is an integration platform for Ophthalmology that connects all devices to a centralized database, regardless of the manufacturer. It connects to the existing medical records management system of the hospital and it is compatible with several devices and exam types, such as Retinography, Angiography, among others.


Clinicians can access exam results in real time, navigate easily through the patient exams, view all images with full quality, access all acquired numerical values and view graphical evolution of numeric values. They can also compare exams taken in different periods, side by side or in mosaic, and thus assess patient evolution.